"Designers have a lot of potential to
change business outcomes.
We thanks all of you for the great work
you did in your projects."


Wolfgang collection


Luca Nichetto

- Italy -

"To me the idea of design, especially with products, remains tied to serial reproduction, becouse we work with the industry. As magistretti stated, “the company is the mother and the designer is the father”. You need to design products that are useful to the final customer, not for design magazines".


Dress, Kite collection


Shin Azumi

- Japan -

Elegange. Grace. Dignity.
I seek true quality of life through design.


Allround collection


Claesson, Koivisto, Rune

- Sweden -

"Being both designers and architects at the same time, we tend to look at design as always a part of a greater spatial context. This multidisciplinary approach is typical for the Scandinavian tradition and adds cross-inspiration to our work in both the small and the bigger scale."


Gap collection


Werner Aisslinger

- Germany -

"Historically, exciting, visionary and pioneering designs have always rested on the transformation of materials and technology into a new context. There will be a return to the sophisticated use of new materials and technologies."


Basicwood, Poolhouse collection


Christophe Pillet

- France -

His furniture designs are now considered to be modern classics-sophisticated and functional with an exquisite attention to detail.


Swa Cell, Swa Lounge, Taki collection


Setsu & Shinobu Ito

- Japan -

Their style is innovative and dynamic with fluid forms, the fruit of their complementary talents and of the combination of their experience in Italy and their Japanese culture.


Ditadidama collection


Riccardo Blumer
& Matteo Borghi

- Italy -

Riccardo Blumer and Matteo Borghi's conception of design is led by research, exploration and challenge. His products are the extension of an ever-going personal evolution process that constantly pushes him to challenge the boundaries of materials and techniques.


Tulip collection


Luca Scacchetti

- Italy -

"I propose solutions deriving from a project that explores contemporaneity so that exclusivity becomes accessible, without loosing quality."


Primo chair, Primo table collection


Sebastian Bergne

- UK -

“I think we expect more from our objects today than we used to, and that’s a good thing. We should expect a lot from the things that surround us.”


Blades collection


Jacob Wagner

- Denmark -

“The love of form and expression is my driving force, and I believe that design should be seductive.”


Giò collection


Antonio Minervini

- Italy -

The influences of contemporary art, design and the measure of daily life all converge in his professional search.


Amati, Data collection


Graziella & Renzo Fauciglietti

- Italy -

The world of the industry is the constant reference point even if there are always construction problems to face with and specific requirements to meet. Functionality and aesthetics, technology and comfort are every time the opposites to join.


Moka collection


Thibault Desombre

- France -

His creations are typified by their pure, clean lines, which he endeavors to charge with emotion and affection. Moka collection exquisitely embody this philosophy.


Eos, Eos Lounge, Line collection


Edi & Paolo Ciani

- Italy -

Product and interior designers, they deal with design of furniture and articles of Industrial Design for over 25 years creating and developing products for leading companies in the furniture office, contract and outdoor.


Kloss collection


Pia Wallen

- Sweden -

One of the leading figures known for the use of the traditional Swedish materials, Pia Wallen combines tradition with play and fantasy to develop products that reflect today's culture and appeal to the modern person.


Substance Lounge collection


Harri Koskinen

- Finland -

"My work process is dualistic, trying to combine the strict and more rational approach with more free and intuitive perspectives. But it is important for me always to have a reason to do a new creation."


Loop collection


Ilkka Suppanen

- Finland -

"I'm always trying to find innovation or new approaches to things, I believe in the future and the possibilities of the future. I think every design task or brief has a different set of rules and parameters, there are no two similar tasks."


Aria collection


Motomi Kawakami

- Japan -

After working at Angelo Mangiarotti Architect Office in Milan, Italy from 1966 to 1969, he established Kawakami Design Office in 1971. His work ranges widely from design of crafts, products and furniture to interior space and environmental design.


Stria collection


Chiaromonte & Marin

- Italy -

The passion for objects meant as industrial products is the glue of the professional partnership between Alfredo Chiaramonte and Marco Marin.