Dress, design Shin Azumi

Elegance and formal beauty.

Immagine Dress


Magic in the Air

With its masterly construction is lightweight like a Kite while retaining a strong structural beauty

Immagine Dress


Data four legs base

Dress with Kvadrat Remix 233 and 383 fabric.

Immagine Dress


Kite side an coffee tables

Removable floor linking device for occasionally conference use.
Metal floor linking system if the chair is mainly used in rows.

Immagine DRESS

Under the hood

The sloping of the seat and ergonomic shape of the back give proper lumbar support and relief body when seating.

Excellent comfort. The slim seat has springs made with elastic webs and is upholstered with variable density polyurethane.

Testo 3


The project's inspiration



“I was inspired by a woman in a cocktail dress, elegantly exposing her shoulders and slim legs. The chair has a wooden back and legs sticking out from the upholstered body”

- Shin Azumi designer of the Dress family for Fornasarig -


Wood Colors




Technical Details





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